Fractions 1: Basics of Fractions FREE

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bettermarks has reinvented math lessons just for you! At bettermarks, we think that mistakes are awesome. Thats because you can only learn new stuff by daring to make mistakes! You wont simply be told youre RIGHT or WRONG with bettermarks. Here, you learn step by step until you are able to solve even the hard problems. Take a look at how it works:

- Every exercise contains hints, tips, and fully worked examples for every step. They are right there in the exercises as you work, so you can practice your math anywhere at any time, just with your iPad.
- If you get an answer wrong, bettermarks shows you detailed answers, explanations and other help so you can find out exactly what was wrong, and how to do it right next time!
- We dont like boring multiple choice questions! Instead, we give you a whole load of cool ways to enter your answer.
- Of course, there are rewards too for successful work! For each exercise series that you solve, you earn coins and stars. Why not work out a deal with your parents? How about an ice-cream or a trip to the movies when you earn enough?

In this app, you will find everything that you need for „Basics of Fractions“. Heres what you will learn:
- understand the terms proper and improper fractions and mixed numbers
- expand, simplify and compare fractions
- represent fractions on the number line
- represent fractions as percentages

And when you have done all of that, you can get going on the next topic.

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